Workshop on GSTR9 Filing

Jul 24 2019

Workshop on GSTR9 Filing

After an overwhelming response from our last event where we shared information to enable our clients to prepare GSTR9  and as even auditors are requesting the accountants to prepare GSTR9, we are organizing another Workshop on GSTR 9 with recent clarifications by GSTIN Council.

The workshop will be focus on the in-depth details of Tables and Columns of GSTR9 and relevant information to be derived from Tally.ERP9.

The following points will be covered-.
  •   Latest GST Clarifications by GST Council
  •  Treatment of secondary or post-sales discounts under GST vide Circular No. 105/24/2019-GST dated 28-06-2019 & its effect in Tally.ERP 9
  •  How to get correct & primary data as Source of declaration in Annual Return
  • How to Show 17-18 GSTR 3B & 1 Errors, Omission & Mistakes in Annual Return
  •  What is the Method to show B2B & B2C Details in GSTR 9, Is Interchange of Columns Possible
  •  How to show correct Output Tax Liability in correct Tables
  •  How to Report the Information not reported in regular Return
  • How to consider Advances to be shown in GSTR 9, treatment of advance in Tally.ERP9 and adjustment entries
  •  How treat the correct Amendment figure in Table 4 of GSTR 9
  •  How & where to show SEZ, Deemed Supply Details
  •  Treatment of Supply on which GST is not payable- Information in Table 5
  •  How to show 5D, 5E & 5F Details for Exempted, Nil Rated & NON GST Supply
  • How to book Proper Reverse charge Entries & Its adjustment in Tally.ERP9 and treatment in GSTR 9
  • Effects of Reverse charge of FY 17-18 paid during FY 18-19.
  • Effects of Different Debit & Credit notes issued at a different time with & without Amendments & its Effect & what amount to be shown in GSTR 9.
  • What is the Turnover (Including Advances, on which Tax not Paid & Total Turnover of GSTR 9)
  • What is Invoice Reconciliation, Its Importance & How to match it With GSTR 2A & 3B
  • What figures are to be shown in Table 6 – Details of ITC
  • How to bifurcate your Purchase in Input, Input Service & Capital Goods
  • How to show figures in 6C & 6D – i.e. Registered & Unregistered Person Liable to Reverse Charge
  • How to give Information on Import of goods (including SEZ Transactions) & Import of Services
  • What is ISD & How to show ITC Received from ISD in Tally and its Reporting in GSTR 9
  • What is ITC Reclaimed, How to show in Tally & its Reporting in GSTR 9
  • How to Reconcile Trans 1 Details with Electronic Credit Ledger & its Revision if Any
  • What & How to show any other ITC availed but not shown in Table 6.
  • Details of ITC Reversed and Ineligible ITC as declared in returns filed during the FY 2017-18
  • ITC Reversal or Reclaim through Rule 37,39,42,43
  • What is 17 (5) Block Credit its effect in Tally as well as in GSTR 9
  • Reversal on Tran 1 & Tran 2
  • What is other Reversal & How to show it in GSTR 9
  • How to get net ITC available for Utilisation
  • How to match the GSTR2A figures with auto-populated figures in table 8 of GSTR9
  • How Invoice Reconciliation can help us to get correct figures for GSTR 9
  • How to show ITC missed in FY 17-18 but taken in FY 18-19 Returns
  • What is ITC available but not Availed, ITC available but ineligible & how to show it in GSTR 9
  • How to get any ITC figure, lapsed during the year
  • How to show Details of supplies received from composition taxpayers, deemed supply under section 143 and goods sent on approval basis
  • How to show the transactions for the FY 2017-18, declared in returns of FY 2018-19 or up to the date of filing of annual returns of FY 2017-18
  • How to Reconciliation of Cash Ledger, Credit Ledger & Liability Ledger
  • How to calculate & consider correct Tax Payable – Tax Paid through ITC, Paid in Cash & Shortfall / Excess if any
  • How to show Cess, Interest, and Late Fees & Penalty in GSTR 9
  • How to show Refund & Tax Demands Claimed, Rejection & Pending
  • How to Show HSN Wise Summary of outward supplies HSN Wise Summary of Inward supplies
  • How to find figures of GSTR 9 from GSTR 1 & GSTR 3B
  • Entire GSTR 9 Short Analysis


L J Training  Centre
GD floor, Parvati Gangadhar Bhuvan,
Behind Punjab National Bank,
364 C/D, N.C.Kelkar Road,
Dadar (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Date: Wednesday 24th July 2019
Time: 3.00PM to 6.00PM
Fees: 250


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