Material Management

Overview of Material Management

Material Management Module sync all related modules to ensure availability of desired material at right time. This help to avoid breakdowns in process and delays in delivery of products to customer.

Timely availability of material

Material management is to timely procure goods and supplies at lowest rate possible to control cost without compromising on quality. This process has direct impact on bottom line with high profitability.

The history of sales and procurements help in forecasting future trends, define strategies, pursuing alternatives and thus help in taking proactive decisions to run successful business.

Material Management in Biz21 involves

  • Store Requisition
  • Store issue
  • Purchase order
  • Gate entry
  • Inward challan
  • Inspection note
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Credit note

Return policies are well defined and hence can be easily managed in the system with simple user-friendly UI.

Location wise stock status can be viewed in real time at given time and fetch report for effective decision-making process.

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