MRP Module

Overview of MRP

This MRP module work in co-ordination with concerned modules to check availability of items in store and schedule their purchase if out of stock. It extends to material re-order levels and maintain the optimum level of inventory by monitoring such levels. 

Plan material to avoid delays

material resource planning

Plan your material resources with integrate templates in Biz21 MRP module.

MRP caters to crucial queries like

  • When to Purchase?
  • Quantities to Purchase?
  • Vendor selection?
  • How to manage Delivery Schedule?

This module ensures availability of material at right time minimizing the cost of holding such material, components and products for planned production and customer delivery. Material planning involves procurement, inventory and production working in sync to avoid all issues pertaining to it.

MRP solve all above queries by stream lining the demand against different variables like

  • Delivery time from vendor
  • Production plan
  • Job order Scheduling
  • Material available in store
  • Purchase requisition

Biz21analyse completely all the requirements and generate Purchase Requisition according to its schedule. An automated Purchase requisition can be scheduled in Biz21 that can be created after passing through levels of authorization.

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