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Plug & Play

[email protected] has created Tally modules that can be bought, installed and used….in seconds!. These advanced but easy to use modules work across industries and are specifically built for adding further value to the needs and challenges of our clients.

Sr. No. Add-On Description
1 Contact Register Displays Party-wise contact details
2 Detailed Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss All ledgers & Stock Items details in Balance Sheet & Trial Balance
3 Gridlines in reports. Displays gridlines in all reports
4 Hide Rate and Amount in GRN While making entry rate and amount column will be invisible.
5 Multi Description in Stock Item Add multiple line description in Stock item master
6 Negative Cash Control Does not allow user to enter the amount, if there is negative cash balance
7 Negative Stock Control Does not allow entering quantity, if there is negative quantity
8 Party Name and Address in C-form receivable Displays Party details in C-form receivables
9 PO Number in Outstanding Displays PO Number in outstanding report
10 Price List Import from Excel Imports price list details from excel
11 Previous Balance of Ledger Displays previous balance of ledger selected at the time of entry
12 Print User Name in Reports Prints company login username in all report & invoice
13 Enable Pan No. Control PAN No. of party for any Sales & Purchase Transaction of 2 Lac and above
14 Recycle Bin Restore deleted vouchers
15 Security for Alteration, Deletion, Cancellation & Duplication User wise securities to Alter, delete, cancel and duplicate voucher
16 Auto Backup Incremental backup using Time stamp (Scheduler)
17 Enable Auto Load Company Auto load of Company with same user name & password
18 Credit Control on days Does not allow the user to enter another sales entry for the same customer, if the credit days are due.
19 Document Management This add-on enables you to allow attach the relevant documents at the master level in Tally.ERP 9. The documents can be viewed at the report level.
20 CEO Dashboard Useful report for Owners / Managers; At glance it Covers Cash & Bank, Outstanding, Cash Flow, Sales & Purchase, Stock, Profit & Loss, Top Customers & Suppliers, Top Products & Orders, Non & Slow Moving Items, etc.
21 Audit Trail Track vouchers created and altered in Tally user-wise up to 7 levels
22 Auto Mail Sales Voucher After Saving Sales Vouchers it can be Mailed automatically to the customer
23 Auto Manual Voucher Numbering Auto Manual Voucher Numbering allows user to have next voucher no. generated automatically as well as can be changed as per their requirement
24 Cost Centre in Purchase Invoice Cost Centre is   activated in Purchase Invoice
25 Cost Centre Wise Profit Loss & Balance Sheet Cost Centre wise Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet
26 Cost Centre in Outstanding Common Cost Centre can be shown in Outstanding report with filter
27 Signature in Invoice Printing Signature in Invoice as an Image
28 Envelope and Label Printing – Multi Address Printing of Envelope and Labels as a given separate Report
29 Item Image Display Image of Items can be displayed in Item Master of Tally
30 Bar Code Printing Printing Bar Code while doing purchase invoice
31 Ledger Group Security Ledgers and Groups can be allocated User Wise
32 Ledger View Viewing of Ledger Details which doing Voucher Entry without exiting out of it
33 Ledger Without Address Report Shows all the Ledger name which doesn’t have Address details
34 Ledger Without TIN No. Report Shows all the Ledger name which doesn’t have TIN No.
35 Auto Email – Outstanding Dash Board / Reminder / Confirmation of Accounts Email of Outstanding / Reminder Letter / Confirmation of Accounts
36 Party Address with VAT No. in C Form Receivable 2 additional Column in C Form Receivable Report with Party Address and VAT No.
37 Print Site Address Below Invoice Printing Site Address at the Bottom of the Invoice
38 Product Wise / Party Wise Report Columnar Report showing Item Wise and Party Wise Amount
39 Standard Narration Selection of Standard Narration at the Entry Level
40 Stock Group Wise Inventory Total Invoice Print Showing Stock Group wise Inventory Total
41 Stock Item Wise Outstanding Outstanding as per Nos. of Stock Items
42 Unwanted Ledgers Deletion of Unwanted / Unused Ledgers in one go
43 Unwanted Stock Item Deletion of Unwanted Stock Items
44 Terms and Conditions in Invoice Printing of Terms & Condition as per requirement in Sales Invoice
45 Authorization Module Enables a maker-checker concept with Reports
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