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Supply Chain Visibility / Stock Sale Visibility / Dealer Management solutions

In every business, whether small or large, business information is spread across the network. Accessing it is more than a problem of connectivity. When there is inadequate visibility, performance suffers. The business can expect product shortages, an impact on customers that could even touch the brand, and pointless manual processes.

The solution is simple. Gain visibility in your channel to prevent loss of sales by making the right goods available at the right time in the right market.

Tally’s Stock and Sales Visibility Solution is the perfect tool to develop a complete line of sight across networks up to the last mile. Tally’s unique position in the market, makes it the most efficient solution to deliver results.

Our Supply Chain Visibility solutions cover a whole gamut of functionality including :

  1. Channel Stock & Sales Visibility (Secondary & Tertiary Sales)
  2. Channel Order Management
  3. Invoicing & Inventory Management (with Mobile APP based POS Billing)
  4. Warranty Management
  5. Channel Business Management
  6. Channel Rewards & Recognition Management
  7. Channel Privilege Club Management
  8. Field Force Management
  9. Influencer Management
  10. Customer Loyalty Management


[email protected] have implemented robust solutions for secondary sales visibility.

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