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Over the last 23 years, [email protected] has worked with clients from across industries. To ensure that our Tally solutions cater to the requirements of the client industry and commit ourselves to client success, [email protected] has developed modules that cater to the needs, requirements and business workflows of various industries.

Sr. No. Add-On Description
1 Uploading Of Predefined Batches In certain cases, especially in retail and manufacturing sector,

Batch numbers need to be specified to identify movement of

Inventory. In this module, predefined batch numbers would

be pulled from MS Excel and uploaded in Tally so as to avoid

mismatch of batches in case of multiple user and multi location

operations as the batch Number would be Auto tracked from the

List of Predefined Batches.

For e.g. If a user uploads excel sheet of batches in Tally,

the list of batches would be displayed while recording an entry

which would thereby, avoid double entry of same batches by

other multi users.

2 Price List upload with Scheme In the Retail and Wholesale business, often certain schemes are provided to their customers to promote sales.

In this module, the price list would be fetched from MS Excel to Tally, wherein, up to 2 levels of schemes would be uploaded automatically. While generating an invoice, rate will be picked from the price list along with the scheme on pre defined quantity of stock items sold by a company to the customer along with the discount of stock items.

For e.g.

Scheme I: Buy 20pcs – 2pcs Free and 18pcs will be billed.

Scheme II: Buy 100pcs – 20pcs Free and 80pcs will be billed.

Buy 130pcs – 22pcs Free and 108pcs will be billed.

Benefits: Auto Calculation of Free Quantity on Sales of quantities following in the range of scheme.

3 Approval on Crossing the Credit Limit In case an organisation is providing credit to its various customers, it becomes difficult to track whether the customer has cleared all the

Bills or not. In order to overcome this scenario, this module helps the user to define a certain credit limit for its customers wherein, if the defined credit limit is exceeded, then the current or next bill will get posted as an optional entry without any accounting & Inventory effect. It will get published in a report for approval with current credit limit and bill amount. An authorized person can approve the same. Once it is approved, it will get posted in accounts and inventory books as well as it will be locked for user modifications.

4 Auto Credit Note In Certain case, especially in distribution business, often credit notes are issued for cash discount to promote the sales. In this module an auto credit note will get generated on booking of sales invoice .We can also track the credit notes later by tracking the sales bills simultaneously.


5 Sales Analysis Report This Module would facilitate a user to get a quick overview of his sales report in one glance. Sales report analysis includes details of each Sales invoice such as type of Customer, Contact details of a customer, Stock Group, Description of Stock Item, and Voucher Type in a single report. It also includes Credit notes for items returned which can be exported to Excel to make the Pivot tables with charts.
6 Import Purchase booking in Tally This module facilitates for Auto calculation of landing charges over the FOB or CIF Value, Custom duty, CVD, Cess and SAD . Also auto adjustment with prepaid duty, freight or insurance amount can be done.
7 Detail Purchase and Sales Report for Import purchase with Batch wise details This is specially designed solution for import purchase with BOE details where we get the cost of purchase of each stock item and Sales of said stock item with purchase details which can be used to claim the SAD refund.
8 Indent Module with Authorization Indent module with authorization, where indent are raised by store department and against which purchase orders are made. Report has been provided for pending indents.
9 Tracking of Indent against estimation This module facilitates tracking tndents against Purchase orders wherein purchase order can’t be raised in excess of Indent quantity. This module also gives the control on purchase and dead stock acquisition.
10 Transaction authorization module This feature enables a maker-checker concept. A data entry operator will be able to make entries which will require to be authorised by a Checker or Manager before such entries can be posted into Tally. If the Checker / Manager does not authorise the entry within a pre-determined time, there is an escalation report generated for the Admin / Super User
11 Transaction Authorization based on Value Vouchers can be authorized based on value of transaction and up to 2 levels of authority before accounting effect takes place. Eg. if the transaction value is up to INR 1,00,000 then it would be authorized by a Level 1 authority. Else, if the transaction value is more than INR 2,00,000 then it would be authorized by a Level 2 authority.
12 Excise Sales Invoice with Multiple Discount levels Sales invoice can be created with multiple discounts for calculation of excise duties. In some cases customer quote rates are all-inclusive, but in certain case, we need to show bifurcation on invoice for calculation of Excise duty based on MRP/Assessable Value.

Calculation of discounts and VAT can also be done using this module.

13 NEFT Payment This module would be of great use to those organizations that are required to make a NEFT payment click without any hassle. This module facilitates to export all the bank details such as account number, PAN number, NEFT/RTGS Code number while recording a Payment entry in Tally. Such details will get exported in a predefined Excel format which would be uploaded to the bank for payment. Once the transaction is exported in Excel, the user will not be allowed to do any further alterations.
14 Transport Module This is an Add on module for Transporters which includes reports such as Consignment Note,

Lorry Receipt, Details of Owned / Hired Vehicle,

It also generates reports of tracking expense such as Diesel Charges, Loading and unloading charges.

15 Film Distribution Module This is a module for Film Distributors. Income can be booked Cinema-wise on a weekly basis conveniently. Income can also be booked CIRCUIT wise, STATION wise, THEATRE wise and PICTURE wise.Registers and reports are also generated for the Distributor as well as Exhibitor.
16 Replication of New Ledger Master to other companies Newly created ledger Masters would be exported automatically in other companies loaded the local PC without giving requiring any manual command to export/import the masters.
17 Inter Company Data Exchange for Receipt to Payment voucher A Receipt entry passed in the books of a supplier would be automatically recorded in the payment voucher as well in the books of a Customer with respect to inter companies loaded on local PC.
18 User wise / Voucher type of Security Security control can be set User wise for each voucher type with backdated and cut off date control.
19 Billing Module for Co-operative Housing society. Rent Bills in respect of Multiple Type of Charges to be collected from Society Members would be generated automatically once the ledger masters with respect to any society charges are pre-defined. Other expenses like Electricity, Maintenance would also get automatically billed.
20 E- commerce data integration with Tally All the sales transactions done by E-commerece portals like Amazon can be imported into Tally.
21 Custom House Agent Module Plug in Software in Tally is used for CHA Billing and to track JOB wise details. This module also enables us to generate various reports in respect to CHA and Job work.
22 Budget Control for Promotional and Branding Company This Application is designed for Promotional and Branding Company. The challenge of these companies is to track the Expenses against the Budget and Estimate Approved. The solution is designed showing Budget Wise and Estimate Wise Report.
23 Excel Reporter Designer Tool


This application allows a user to create report formats in Excel and fetch data from Tally automatically
25 Solution to Manage Job Processing, from Grey to Finished Product for Textile Industries This is a solution for Textile manufacturers to manage Procurement of Grey Fabric right from Grey to Bleach, Bleach to Dyeing, Dyeing to finished Product and Printing with Multiple processors
26 Excel to Tally Integration. All type of transactions can be integrated into Tally from Excel
27 Export Invoice Export invoice would be generated along with shipping specifications such as Item description and bank details.
28 Stem Cell Banking Module This Application is designed for the Stem Cell Banking Industry. All the details starting from Enrolment stage to Delivery Stage are captured.
29 Cotton Trading Module This Application is designed for Cotton Trading Industry. All the Export related activities are implemented in Tally along with the reports.
30 Brokerage and Commission Module Auto Calculation can be done with respect to Commission on Sales Invoice. It also displays Outstanding reports Broker wise and

Defines Commission rate Party wise.

Commission rates can be configured easily at Invoice entry.

28 Pest Control Module This module automates the processes of the Pest Control service providers. Enquiry Register, Inspection Register, Quotation Register, Contract Register and AMC Renewal Register
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