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Our tally training & implementation services in Mumbai are aimed at helping you discover and benefit from the great functionality of Tally.ERP 9.  As part of our tally implementation services, we first understand your business and challenges. Based on that we then offer the best possible solution to enable an increase in productivity. An organisation can save hours each week by making use of the functionality offered by Tally.ERP 9. You can view our list of training and implementation services below

Tally Default Topics / Module

A. Basic Accounting Module

Creation of Chart of Accounts ( Account Groups and Account Ledgers)
Usage of Cost centers & Categories for expense & revenue tracking & for Advance MIS
Using Multiple Voucher Types. i.e. User defined voucher, Memos, Post Dated etc.,
Usage of Voucher Classes
Managing Voucher Numbering system
Multi Account Printing options
Scenario Management- for Reversing Journal, Cash Flow Projections, Provisional B/S and P&L A/c
Multi-Currency Transaction
Credit Limits option for Sundry Debtors
Interest Calculation – for delay payments, on Fixed Deposits etc.,
Accounting Budget
Security Setup with Tally Audit
Remote Access Setup
Bill Settlement – i.e. auto-generation of Receipt Voucher from Bills outstanding report of customer
Multi/Alternate Address of Company and Parties
Use of Support centre
Use of Control centre
SMS feature
Payment Performace of Debtors
MIS Reports :
Sales Register, Purchase Register, Multi-column Cash book, Cost centres Reports,
Receivables, Payables, Reports based on Multi Company , Reports based on Multi Years,
Schedule VI – Balance Sheet & P&L Account, Cash Flow Projections, Group Company. Usage of
“Auto Column” option specially in Group Company and Cost Centre Break Up Report etc., etc.,

B. Banking Module

Cheque Printing – we will configure cheque of One Bank
Bank Reconciliation
Entering opening “Un Reconciled Transactions”
Deposit Slip to issue to Bank for depositing Cheques
Payment Advice to issue to vendor
Cheque Book Management
Post Dated Vouchers and Reports

C. Inventory Module

Stock Group & Stock Categories
Stock Item – with Batch Number and Mfg/Exp Dates – if applicable
Units of Measure
Location / Godown / Warehouse Management
Purchase Order Tracking
Goods Receipt Note
Booking of Purchase Invoice
Additional Cost of Purchase – Landcost of Material
Sales Order Tracking
Delivery Notes
Sales Invoice Generation
Transfer of Materials – by Stock Journal, by Material Out voucher, by Material In voucher
Rejection Notes
Item Cost Tracking
Import of material transactions and arriving at Landed Cost of Item – if applicable
Re Order Level and Minimum Order Quantity
Price List Maintenance
Stock Valuation Methods
Item wise and Invoice wise Profitability
Bill of Material -BOM (Single and Multiple)
Manufacturing Journal
MIS Reports :
Stock Summary with Item wise Gross Profit, Movement Analysis by Stock Group/Stock Cat/Item,
Item Cost Analysis, Top Buyers and Top Sellers based on Qty and Value, Stock Availability
Purchase Order and Sales Order wise, Re Order level Status, Stock Item Movement by Sundry
Debtors wise and Sundry Creditors wise, Stock Ageing Analysis, Physical Stock Verfication,

D. Maharashtra Value Added Tax

Masters Configuration
Purchase Transactions process to get Input Vat amount automatically
Sales Transactions process to get Output Vat   amount automatically
Payment of VAT liability after considering Input Set Off and any adjustment entries
Generating Form 210
Generating 231 & 233 e-Return
Generating 704 e-Return
Reports Available :
       Vat Computation
       Vat Forms – 231 & 233
       Vat Audit Forms – 704 with Audit Details
       Vat Commodity Purchase Report
       Vat Commodity Sales Report
       Vat Purchase Register
       Vat Sales Register
Vat – J1 and J2 Report

E. Central Sales Tax

Masters Configuration
Purchase Transactions process to add CST amount into purchases.
Sales Transactions process to get CST amount automatically
Payment of CST liability.
Generating MTR – 6
Generating III (E) e-Return
Reports Available :
       CST Computation
       Forms Receivables
       Forms Issuable
       CST Return Form
       CST Purchase Register
       CST Sales Register
       Reminder Letters for Forms Receivables

F. Tax Deducted at Source – TDS

Master Configuration
TDS Booking in expense entry
TDS Booking on advance payment to vendor
TDS on Debit Notes
TDS on Service Tax Input Credit amount
TDS deduction from retrospective transactions- after crossing Exemption Limit
Generating 281 Challan for company and non-company
Reports Available :
       Detailed TDS Computation report – Expenses Wise and Party wise also
       Challan Reconciliation
       Form 26 Q, 26 and Annexure
       Form 27 Q, 27 and Annexure
       Form 16 A
       E-Return of 26Q & 26
       E-Return of 27Q & 27
       Form 27 A
       TDS Outstanding Ledger wise
       TDS Outstanding “Nature of Payment” wise
       TDS not deducted Details

F. Tax Collected at Source – TCS

Master Configuration
Sales of TCS Goods
Sales of TCS Goods at Lower Rate
Sales of TCS Goods at Nil Rate
TCS on Transfer of rights to Use
Sales Return and TCS
TCS Payment and 281 Challan
Reports Available :
       TCS Challan Reconciliation
       Form 27D Reconciliation
       Form 27D
       E-TCS Form
       Form 27B
       TCS Payable
       TCS Ledger Outstanding

G. Service Tax

Masters Configuration
Service Tax Opening Balances
Purchase Order & Sales Orders for Services
Purchase of Services & Sale of Services
Accounting Multiple Services in single Voucher
Purchases of Services – Inclusive of Service Tax
Service Tax on Expenses
Accounting cash purchases & cash sales of services
Accounting sale of services by professionals
Accounting Services as Inventory by professional
Advances from Service receivers (Customers)
Adjusting Advances against the service
Sale of Services with Inventory
Accounting Export of Services
Sale of Pure Agent Services
Accounting Import of Services
Account Services with Abatement
Service Tax on GTA Transactions
Accounting Money Equivalent Transactions
Adjustment of Advance against the Tax Liability
Service Input Credit Adjustment
CENVAT Credit Adjustment
Payment of Service Tax and GAR 7
Reports Available :
       Service Tax Computation
       Service Tax Payable – Bill Date wise
       Service Tax Payable -Realisation Date wise (applicable for transactions before 1.7.2011)
       Tax on Services Received
       Import of Service
       Input Credit Summary

H. Dealer Excise

Masters Configuration
Creating Tariff Classification
Creating a Stock Item
Creating Excise Voucher Types
Creating Dealer Opening Stock
Creating an Excise Purchase Invoice
Purchases from First Stage Dealer, Agent of Manufacturer(Consignment Agent) etc.,
Customs Clearance full / partially of Imported Goods
Conditional Pass on of Special AED of CVD
Same Item Selected Multiple Times in Excise Purchase
Sale of Excisable Goods
Rule 11 Invoice with Two Address Details
Creating a Commercial Invoice
Loss / Wastage/ Theft of Excise Stock Item
Reports Available :
       Excise Stock Register
       Excise Purchase Bill Register
       Party Wise Duty Extract
       Customs Clearance Register
       Sales and Purchase Extract
       Form RG 23D
       Quarterly Return – Form 2

I. Excise for Manufacturer

Masters Configuration
Creating Excise Opening Balances
Creating Cenvat Opening Balances
Excise Voucher Entries / Transactions
Excise Sales Invoice Rule 11
Accounting Amortization Sales
Accounting Export – Duty Chargeable
Captive Consumption
Job Work
Excise Payment – GAR 7
Reports Available :
       Excise Computation
       Daily Stock Register
       Job Orders Outstanding IN / OUT
       Job Work Register
       Job Work Analyses
       PLA Register
       PLA Summary
       Form ER 1
       Form ER 5
       Form ER 6
       E- Return
       CENVAT Credit Summary
       CENVAT Credit Availed
       RG23 Part I
       RG23 Part II
       Annexure – 10

J. Payroll

Master configuration
Employee Details
Pay Head
Salary Structure Detail
Income Tax Detail
Attendance Voucher
Salary Voucher
Salary Payment Voucher with Bank Advice
Reports Available :
       Pay Sheet
       Employee Profile
       Employee Pay head Break up
       Pay head Employee Break up
       Payment Advice
       Statutory Computation Report of Provident Fund, ESI, Professional Tax @ Income Tax
       PF Various Forms and E-Return
       ESI Various Forms and E-Return
       Gratuity Summary Report
       Salary Projection
       Form 24Q & E-Return 24Q
       Form 27A
       Form 16
       Form 12 BA
       ITR -1

K. Job Work Management

Job Order Processing
Gatepass for Job Work(AnnexureII)
Job Work
a. Out Order
b. In Order


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