Purchase Management


It streamlines the entire procurement processes. It maintains entire history of purchases in relation to time, vendor, cost and quantities. This in turn enable back tracking, forecasting of specific materials and facilitate accurate purchase decisions as per industry requirements.

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Purchase order software

Manage purchases like never before with Biz21 Purchase Management module.

Time is one of the most valuable resource in today’s world. Purchase management help to procure the best products at the lowest possible time. Purchasing is the process of buying goods as well as services from an organization. The process plays an important role in a manufacturing organization. Purchase management is one of the most crucial function of anybusiness. Purchase process can be complex function involving one to many employees procuring required items. In case of shortage in stock or reaching the reorder level it initiates requisition of concerned items to attain new stock and it also confirms that the attained material is best in case of quality, cost and time.

 The fundamental purpose of ERP purchase module is to streamline the functioning of purchase of inventory, assign orders to suppliers and bill which helps utilize the time properly.

The Function of Biz21 ERP Purchase Module

Biz21, Purchase module help you to maintain masters for various suppliers and their contacts, track purchases get a complete purchase rate history etc. It systematically records all the details pertaining to various suppliers, purchase orders, purchase requests quality checks purchase returns and many more. It also helps to evaluate a supplier based on delivery time, the quality of the material, and the cost of attainment

Linking account with the procurement process, it enables a business to optimize its procurement process and patterns, thereby improving quality and reduces both cost and time of acquiring items and gain a distinct competitive edge. It tracks the functional process and keep a constant check on the stock levels and availability. It also generates timely purchase orders for cost-effective inventory replenishment.

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