Quality Control


The desired level of quality in a product can be obtained through this module. Quality Control in Biz21 ensures satisfaction with quality of finished goods before it is shipped to customers.

Enhance the level of your product quality

Quality is the only differentiating factor in the marketplace that gives an edge over other competitors. Managing quality well can automatically stream line other departments and reduce their cost of operations by achieving healthier learning curve.

Quality is the only heyday that keeps your customers loyal to your brand. Among the best characteristics of quality products performance, reliability, conformance, durability and aesthetics plays a vital role in brand enhancement. While earlier management of quality in a business was generally a complicated and costly process.But today with advancement of technology, business outlooks are changing and adapting to increase their value propositions.

Biz21 solutions get you to ensure the best quality of your product and service before it reaches end user. The quality module keeps you update on the meeting of standards set for your goods and allows you to track down the quality at every stage of your production line up.

It is featured for inspecting and scrutinizing goods that are manufactured in accordance to a set standard. Our software leverages companies with the best features of conducting quality test grades and test parameters. The best part of all, the features of the software are easy to use, designed for best experience and utterly dominating performance for quality check.

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