Sales & Distribution

Overview of sales Modules

It streamlines to entire sales module from inquiry to delivery stage.  Each order can be traced to its actual status with corresponding reasons. The bottlenecks in the process can be easily identified and appropriate decisions can be taken for smooth functioning of the Sales function. 

Fast and effective order processing!

Business need sales to survive and grow. Fast and effective management of sales can help companies to grow exponentially.

Sales module implements functions of

  • Order placements
  • Order scheduling
  • Shipping and Invoicing

The prime concern of any distribution and manufacturing business is to increase and efficiently manage sales and its price along the entire supply chain. Processing customer orders is another critical function.

Businesses require continuous supply of items to grow business transactions. Sales is a co-ordinated function that require timely information to be passed on to sales department ensuring better deliveries followed by customer satisfaction.

Sales module include forms like Sales quotation, Sales order, Delivery note, Sales invoice, Debit note & their respective masters. These forms are interlinked with each other to track the exact situation of any order at real time.

Sales orders are equipped with a functionality of multiple authorization at two vertical levels. The forms in sales module can be amended with different item, price,quantity, delivery date etc as and when required with approvals from supervising manager at next level. Amendment histories are maintained in respective reports to track changes as and when required.

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