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Inventory management module help to reduce cost of holding inventory with easy in and out of material in an automated manner through barcoding system.

inventory management software

Get robust store and inventory management process through our Biz21 Store & Inventory module.

Optimized inventory management, reduced inventory expenses 

Managing inventory is managing your cost which has eventual implications on cashflows. Everything in and around inventory is cost to company that must be managed to its optimum level, inventory management hovers around questions like,

  • What to stock
  • When to stock
  • Where to stock
  • How long to Stock

Managing good inventory is to manage above questions efficiently with best available resource of space and money blocked in stock.

Software Hunt offer Biz21, a comprehensive Inventory management system with best industrial practices to leverages your business exponentially.

The inventory management module helps to reduce inventory holding cost,

What do you get with BIZ21 module?

Supply chain goals involves reducing the operational cost and gaining an optimal amount of profit from the products that you hold in your warehouse, Biz21 store module help you in achieving them. The featured and flexible ERP software is designed specifically to meet your business objective and generate daily reports that will address every detail aspect of your business stocks and inventory.


  • Status of your inventory
  • Bottleneck in Dept/Machine/Order/Shift
  • Effective tracking of purchase orders
  • Material rejection report & tracking
  • Provides ABC analysis of inventory activities.

An intelligence software that can manage every aspect of your store, Biz21 store module gets you the simplest yet comprehensive support for inventory management.

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