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Why you shouldn’t be using a spreadsheet to run your business

What’s the most popular ERP ? It’s a spreadsheet !!  Most  businesses use spreadsheets like MS Excel  to handle leads, customers  inventories, orders, receivables, cash flows, reporting etc According to  a study by a leading research firm, 70% of companies use spreadsheets for sensitive / critical data and processes. This being despite known concerns and challenges with using spreadsheets as listed below. To main reasons for their popularity are :…

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11 Mistakes SME’s make While Buying Business Software

11 Mistakes SME’s make While Buying  Business Software. SMEs today have never-before technology options at reasonable costs. Large enterprises have traditionally had access to great technology. They also have CIOs, CTOs, and consultants who help them find the right software. For SMEs times have changed for the better. However, they rarely have the luxury of having CIOs, CTOs or consultants to help them find the right software. Buying the wrong…

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