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10 reasons why you should run your entire business on one software

Large organisations have always used ERP’s or Integrated business apps to run their business. However, small and medium businesses continue to use outdated or disconnected applications to run their business since ERP’s have been costly. In fact many do not use software and just use spreadsheets (See blog…). If your business uses disconnected applications for each department , then you will probably end up with islands of information that are…

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The cost of choosing the wrong Business Software

You need to make sure you select and use the correct software. A good team combined with useful tools and right resources can help your company succeed. However, there will be a price to pay if you use the wrong tools for your business. These are the five negative effects of choosing the incorrect business software: Company Loses Revenue ERP, CRM, and software packages are very important to an enterprise.…

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10 Phases of the ERP Implementation Process (Part 1)

Each company is unique in terms of data managed through their ERP systems. Some businesses use ERP software  for critical transactions and information about Finance,  Accounting and Supply Chain Management. Other companies may use HR, Manufacturing, Customer Relationships, or Project Management as core ERP modules. Time is of the essence in business. Spending years implementing and integrating a new ERP within a company is not acceptable. A lengthy implementation will…

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Top 10 ERP implementation mistakes (Part 1)

An ERP implementation is an important process that signifies a step forward for the company. There is no way to recreate the perfect ERP rollout every time, but by being aware of some common mistakes, you can work towards eliminating them and reducing the frustration of all stakeholders. Analyst firm Gartner estimates that 55% to 75% of all ERP projects fail to meet their objective. Whether you are switching to…

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