[Webinar] Streamline Inventory Management Process in Tally

Jun 24 2020

[Webinar] Streamline Inventory Management Process in Tally

The lock down has affected businesses all around, now more than ever it is important to monitor and fully utilize your resources to reduce wastage and increase efficiency.

We are conducting a free webinar to help you manage and streamline your inventory process in Tally amid COVID-19

The following points would be covered:

1.Maintaining the Stock at optimum level & fulfilling the orders with no shortfall.
2. Avoiding overstocking of Materials
3. Tracking the lead time for the Procurement.
4. Managing and Controlling the Purchase cost Inventory
5. Tracking & Improving Inventory wise profitability.

Date: 24th June, Wednesday |  Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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