Tally- Manufacturing

Although Tally has Inventory modules with the Manufacturing process, it is difficult to track the whole process from Requirement of RAW Material to Delivery of Finished Goods
Some of the challenges faced:

Not able to track material consumption

Lack of production planning & Inefficient Material procurement

Not tracking re-order level & facing stockouts

Increased manufacturing costs and in-efficient resource allocation

In-accurate Bill of Materials(BOM)

We have developed a customized module in Tally.ERP 9 specially for Manufacturers to simplify and streamline Complete Procurement Cycle & improve efficiency & productivity.
Inventory tracking at Production Floor
Inventory lying with Store or stock Keeper.
Material request from Departments to Generation of PO.
Authorisation and authentication of transaction
End to End tracking of Material REquest to Procurement.
Tracking of the Production Cost.
Variance for Production cost - Actual Vrs Standard
Reports for Inventory at each stage of movement.
  1. Procurement
  2. Material Request
  3. Auto Indent
  4. PO 
  5. GRN
  6. QC
  7. Sales Management
  8. Quotation
  9. Sales Order
  10. Dispatched Tax
  11. Invoice
  12. Manufacturing Process
  13. BOM Upload
  14. MFG JV
  15. Variance for Production
  16. Cost of Consumption of Material

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