TallyPrime Powered by AWS (Cloud)

We are happy to bring to you TallyPrime Powered by AWS - A collaboration between Tally Solutions & Amazon Web Services

Now have any time, anywhere access to Tally by accessing your license & data on Amazon cloud server. This will allow business continuity & you to be connected to your business at all times

Why choose TallyPrime Powered by AWS

  • Anytime access: Use the full functionality of TallyPrime anywhere, anytime on any device. This will allow your team to work remotely and ensure business continuity
  • Security: With AWS, each customer’s data volume is encrypted by default. Security is built into every component of the solution from user authentication using a separate password and secure PIN for every user. The best part is that your data is automatically backed up, so you need not worry about data loss
  • Collaboration: With your business data being hosted on AWS cloud, it helps all the users to log in and work simultaneously from anywhere across multiple locations. It also helps to Centralize all your data at head office
  • Flexibility: Not sure which usage plan works best for you? You can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade your plan as it suits you. A fully automated process will take care of your data and billing.
  • Affordability: The solution will be available to you at very affordable price points, worked out especially for the needs of your business, and among the best in the industry for an AWS-powered solution.

How Tally on AWS will help you reduce costs

Savings on hardware since no Server is required

Savings on manpower since the servers & software are managed by AWS

Savings on overheads since no additional cost of electricity, air-conditioning, etc on the Server

Savings on software since no additional software / OS is required (except the TallyPrime License)

TallyPrime Powered by AWS (Cloud) FAQs

Which version of Tally do I need to have to use this solution?

TallyPrime powered by AWS will only work on TallyPrime Release 2.0 & above

Is there any specific hardware & system configuration needed?

Yes, a basic hardware configuration is required. Window 7 & above, Microsoft.Net 4.6.2, VC++ 2015-2019

Will it work on MAC / IOS , Tablets & more

Yes, as it is web-browser based can be accessed from any device, irrespective of OS

Can we have Tally on the cloud and local machine at the same time

No, Once the Tally license is hosted/activated on Cloud it would be available there. You would need to surrender and reactivate the license on local machine if needed

Is there any backup system available?

Yes, there is a backup system available& data gets auto-backedup at a schedule time.

Will our TDL / TCP file developed work on Cloud? (Tally customisations)

Yes all Tally customisations (TDL/TCP) will work on cloud

Can we export Tally Data to Excel while using AWS Cloud?

Yes, as AWS has pre-installed open-source Excel, so data can be exported in the format

Will any third application or integration tool work on AWS Cloud?

No, currently third party apps will work on AWS

What is the minimum requirement of Internet connectivity?

Minimum 10 MBPS or mobile Hotspot with 4G connection

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