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When an organisation is using multiple, disparate applications, TallyPrime integration can help to centralize data & streamline tasks for better visibility & enhanced efficiency.
Any application in .net, java, php, sql etc. can be integrated to Tally.ERP 9 or Tally Prime.It also provides the necessary APIs to read and write in XML , JSON , ODBC formats (Get/Post)

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Tally Auditor Edition remains unparalleled in the industry in terms of enhancing auditor efficiency, thanks to value-added services such as continuing statutory compliance and remote access. The processes are easily streamlined to save time, effort, and resources. This is the reason why many Auditors prefer Tally.

Tally allows you to do an audit & monitor progress that influences the authenticity of a transaction, such as changes made to Date, Ledger Masters, and Amounts in the Voucher.
This makes it a highly comprehensive tool for both CAs and their clients to manage the company’s accounts and operations.

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TallyPrime Auditor edition features:

Recognize anomalies in transactions and give insight into trends of transactions over time.
Any discrepancies in the balances can be quickly identified, allowing you to rectify any issues right away.
Multiple configurations are available for detecting and recording transactions that appear to be irregular or reoccurring.
Contrast this year's statistics to prior years', and quickly uncover inconsistencies by identifying unanticipated relationships between data.
Chartered Accountants can use the Auditors Edition to reduce errors and deliver thorough reports while saving time and effort.
Enhances your sales and cost potential.
Physical inspection and validation of data using vouchers is no longer a thing with advanced audit software.

How Software@Work is Helping CA’s

  • Monthly training for CA articles on new TallyPrime features & statutory updates
  • Tally Diagnostic session to help auditors utilize maximum features of Tally to enhance efficiency & grow their practice
  • Free setup of Tally remote access feature to conduct client audits with ease
  • On -going support & assistance on TallyPrime
  • Invitation to Tally webinars & seminars

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