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6 business software features every growing business should use

Your business software holds an important key to your organisations productivity. Efficient usage of your software can result in avoidance of duplication of work, promote efficiency and enhance teamwork to make your employees and customers happier in working with/ dealing with you.

Your business software holds an important key to your organisations productivity. Efficient usage of your software can result in avoidance of duplication of work, promote efficiency and enhance teamwork to make your employees and customers happier in working with/ dealing with you.

Lets look at 6 ways in which you can use your business software to work for you :

1.Empower your employees by giving them access to the software with adequate security controls

Are your sales people still making Quotes and handling leads in Documents and Excel sheets ? Why not enable them to have access to your software so  that they can directly create quotes and log leads in the software ? Once Quotes are available, the accounts team can create an Invoice with a few clicks. No need to re-input data. Since your leads and customer data remains secure within your software, it cannot be accessed by unauthorised people – which is possible in case of spread sheets  . If your sales people can see customer overdues and receivables, that can help improve collections and not have to depend on the accounts department for regular updates.

Managers will be able to instantly see complete details eg. Flow of transactions a lead from receipt to closure of order and delivery, or from receipt of a service request to allocation to closure of the request

Imagine the boost in productivity and employee satisfaction when all required info is available in a single system in real time across all departments and team as per their allowed  security controls.

2. Enable your Customers and Vendors to interact with your organisation thru a Web Portal

Wouldn’t it be great if your Customers/Distributors  or Retailers can place orders on you thru a web portal that is integrated with your ERP/Accounting software ? It could save much manpower , time and wasted efforts on manual orders being taken and on paper and then re-input in your software. (One of our customers who has 300 distributors could save the cost of 2 people by using a portal) .  You too can give your customers a portal like Amazon or Flipkart to place orders and even view inventory status, delivery status and even invoices and receivables….all integrated with your backend Accounting software/ERP.

Imagine the savings in hours save  receiving calls for orders, cancellations and delivery updates. What’s more,  Customers  can get  alerts once their orders ship, RFQ’s can be floated automatically for material required and Vendors can submit quotations that come directly onto your system

With real-time order and status updates you will be much better placed in planning inventory and production.  What’s more, this will enhance customer satisfaction and project your company as a technologically evolved organisation that delivers

3. Enable Dashboards with key business parameters

All good software apps allow for Business Managers, Owners and decision makers to see all important business parameters at a glance.  However, in many cases, this is not put to good used due to ignorance.  A Dashboard will enable you to see key info eg. Top selling products, Best customers, Receivables analysis, Slow moving items, Most profitable products, Overdue receivables etc.  These dashboards can be changed as per your own requirements to ensure that they are meaningful.  Since data is directly taken from your software, there is no change of inaccuracies which usually take place when viewing reports in spreadsheets.

4. Setup  Approvals and Workflow to streamline processes and enhance productivity

Enabling an approval and workflow process ensure that transactions can be processed only after they are duly authorised by the right people.  For example you can setup a workflow that a Purchase Order  of Rs 1 lakh should be sent a Manager for approval and only then can it be posted and executed.  This ensures that data entry operators do not take control  of all operations and key people are able to get visibility of business activities .

Whether it’s material requirement planning, inventory control or any other aspect of your business, Workflows and approvals can help  ensure that things move on track

5. Empower your Customers, Employees and Sales people with a Mobile App

Much paperwork and time can be saved if your Salespeople,  Customers , Distributors or Retailers can place orders on your thru a mobile app. This enables you to get your orders in faster and enhances customer satisfaction.

Customers can order anytime, employees can work from anywhere or even from home and still be productive and trackable

Your employees can record  their attendance even from a customer site. You can also assign tasks and visits to field staff  who get notified on their mobile. Once they complete the task , they update status and are ready for their next task.

6. Manage Branches with auto branch posting functionality . Enable Multi location GSTN functionality to manage GST compliance

Managing  multiple branches involves much effort in reconciling HO/Branch entries. Using auto inter-branch posting functionality, entries are automatically passed to in the corresponding branch/HO to ensure that there is need for reconciliation. With  multi GSTN  support, your can manage all locations centrally to ensure timely and accurate GST compliance. With Eway bill integration built into your accounting system you can automatically generate Eway bills as soon an  invoice is created  to save time and have accurate Eway bills.

Whether you are in the business of Trading, Manufacturing, Services or Retail, you can  help your business grow faster by putting your business software to full use .