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How can Manufacturers and Distributors can enhance efficiency by taking orders online or thru an app from Customers an Sales People

In the B2C (Business to Customer) space, many customers are now adept at placing orders on portals like Amazon. But its seen that in case of B2B (Business to Business) transactions, many SME Manufacturers and Distributors do not use this technology and continue to take orders and communicate thru emails and What’s App messages which are highly inefficient and prone to errors . With the availability of affordable software solutions,…

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ERP reaches SME’s ! Announcing the launch of SMERP

For decades ERP had been only for large enterprises with huge budgets. On this MSME day 2019, Software@Work is pleased to announce the launch of it’s offering SMERP – Small and Medium Enterprise Resource Planning software – that helps SME’s get the best ERP’s at affordable prices Many SME’s have been forced to run their business inefficiently using  spreadsheets and disconnected apps . All due to the high cost &…

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Can ERP help small and medium sized manufacturers become more efficient ?

One integrated business software (usually termed as ERP) can run your entire manufacturing operations. However, ERP has been historically known to be costly and hence only used by large organisations . Small businesses have had to rely on cumbersome spreadsheets and disconnected applications that hamper their growth.  (Read our Blog -  6 reasons why  Small and Medium businesses don’t make use of free /affordable and integrated business apps ) .…

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6 reasons why SME’s don’t make use of the free / affordable and integrated business apps to run their business

It comes as a surprise that any growing organisation would be using  outdated or disconnected business software that would make day-to-day operations and growth a struggle (Check out our blog  “10 reasons why you should run your entire business on one software”) Why should one organisation that works as a team and needs to share data,  have multiple apps to run its operations? An integrated business software is like the…

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10 reasons why you should run your entire business on one software

Large organisations have always used ERP’s or Integrated business apps to run their business. However, small and medium businesses continue to use outdated or disconnected applications to run their business since ERP’s have been costly. In fact many do not use software and just use spreadsheets (See blog…). If your business uses disconnected applications for each department , then you will probably end up with islands of information that are…

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Top 10 ERP implementation mistakes – (Part 2)

This is the second post of two. Click here for part one! In the previous article, our experts shared five mistakes that companies make during ERP implementation. Here are the other five mistakes that you should avoid. Mistake #6 - Starting without a Key user group  that includes an executive sponsor. The ERP project will overhaul business processes, roles, standards, responsibilities, so a bottom-up strategy will not work here. You…

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What are the ideal features of a good Customer Relationship Management software

Finding a good CRM for SME’s from hundreds of great options is a time consuming exercise.  Let's look some of  the ideal features of a good CRM solution . Note that the right CRM  for you need not include all these features. A CRM with fewer features may not be a bad choice in a specific context. In fact having too many features can be a problem. This list can be…

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