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ERP reaches SME’s ! Announcing the launch of SMERP

For decades ERP had been only for large enterprises with huge budgets. On this MSME day 2019, Software@Work is pleased to announce the launch of it’s offering SMERP – Small and Medium Enterprise Resource Planning software – that helps SME’s get the best ERP’s at affordable prices
ERP Rearch

Note : The above list is indicative of some of our solutions but can change based on your requirements

What is the cost of  SMERP  ?

The cost of  SMERP can be as low as the amount you spend monthly on   tea & snacks for your  employees. Yes – it’s that affordable.  Specific pricing would depend on your needs and expectations but would remain affordable for an SME. That’s why we are calling it SMERP !

Is there a catch or some fine print  ?

There is no catch. For any business that approaches us, we first do a basic needs analysis, and thus an investment in time happens from our side. If we are able to match your  needs, we would  quote for the software and services.

How will I know whether the SMERP will fit my needs and give me the desired results  ?

Traditionally, buying an ERP requires the customer to ensure that they have done a detailed evaluation of their needs and found the right match. This is itself an intense exercise which is unfortunately taken lightly.  After a high initial investment on licenses and services, customers  have to keep their figures crossed about  getting the desired results probably 6 months later. In  fact this is the biggest reason for SME’s not confidently investing in ERP.

Software@Work does not promote any one  single SMERP and works as your trusted advisor to enable you to diagnose your needs and make the right choice from the best available SMERP’s. Hence you are sure of a solution backed by 27 years of experience and not just another software

We go a step further and walk the talk. We offer to do POC’s (Proof of concept) or Conference Room Pilots (CRP) to take you thru a cycle of key transactions with  your own  (sample) data . This service is provided at a reasonable cost and can be done within appox 7 to 10 days. . Hence you would be very clear of the results and solution-fit even before you start implementing the SMERP within your organisation.

What do I to next ?

Send us your challenges on [email protected] and we’ll come up with a solution. If you’d like to talk to us, feel free to call us on 02248934040

Click here to check out our video on how ERP can help Small & Medium sized manufacturers

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