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12 signs that your business has outgrown it’s business / accounting software


Making a business successful takes a lot. Why stall its growth by using software that you have outgrown ? When  businesses outgrow their current business  software or  technology offers a compelling reason to change, it’s time to relook at things. If your business is facing these challenges, then you should start  looking too.

  1. Your organisation uses spreadsheets to manage business areas like Orders, Customers, Leads, Inventory or Production
  1. You struggle to manage inventory
  1. You don’t have easy access to quick and reliable information to take business decisions . Information / Reports are taking time to get and require manual intervention. When you do get reports it’s usually too late or you can’t trust the info. Your business is effectively running on guesswork
  1. Each department is running different software and don’t collaborate with each other
  1. Your business volumes and complexity of managing the business are increasing
  1. You are unable to get employees to adhere to pre-set processes
  1. You do not get real-time alerts or notifications of important events  / situations eg. Low stock, deviations in discounts or credit limits etc.  You usually don’t get to know or  know much after such incidents happen
  1. You don’t have visibility of operations across departments eg. Finance, Sales, Operations , Production
  1. Important decisions are made on guesswork. You manage    sales forecasts  , production or  material requirement planning without actual information on a  real-time basis
  1. Unauthorized users have access to your confidential data or users can make un-authorized changes to your transactions . Users are able to input incomplete or incorrect data into the software
  1. Managers are unable to approve transactions before they are finalized by juniors
  1. Cost of production and sales margins are not accurately known

It may sound surprising that growing businesses continue to use outgrown / outdated business software despite the above problems. Here are 9 reasons why they do :

  1. A perception that good software to handle all business processes is costly and the organisation may not be able to afford it
  1. No CIO or expert within the organisation to take an informed decision . Inadequate software evaluation / technology skills within the organisation
  1. A search on Google throws up too many options and is very time consuming to evaluate
  1. There is mistrust on sales-people to guide on the best software
  1. Lack of unbiased / expert advice to guide the organisation
  1. Fear of buying the wrong software
  1. Unsure about which is the most suitable business software for the organisation
  1. Inadequate definition of requirements and hence inability to choose the best software even after evaluating many options
  1. Ignorance of the fact that the right business software can help streamline the operations of the organisation  and take it on its growth path

We have news for you. The right business software be it ERP, CRM or other business apps are affordable and easy to use.

There are great ready-to-use  apps for every business type and can be setup without months of effort. The right business software is essential for business growth and can help save costs, enhance revenues and make business management easier.  The solution is to take  help from experts who can guide you on all the above aspects and ensure your  challenges are fully  addressed after a detailed diagnosis.

What businesses need is a trusted advisor that :

  • Identifies Pain Area and Business Process
  • Has a focus on diagnosing & fixing  problems rather than just selling
  • Helps find a solution that fits the available budget
  • Constantly evaluates Software Products so keep pace with new applications released
  • Does a proper diagnostic process to eliminate the risk of buying the wrong business software

Seeing the above challenges first hand during the  26 years of operation, is what led us to create SoftwareHunt – a service to help growing businesses get the right software in an unbiased manner based on a proper definition of business needs.  These needs are then mapped to the best ERP’s available.

We would be glad to help you make your decision on the right business software. We don’t charge for offering 3 hours of consulting to guide  you. Check out www.softwarehunt.in to define your needs or connect with us for a free diagnosis.