There is a common misconception that Tally on cloud is only fruitful for people working from home. While it is an amazing solution for remote work, it does offer some great benefits even using it in an office environment 

Here are the top advantages of using Tally on cloud while working from the office :

1) Cost savings – All the way 

  • Savings on Hardware :With cloud, hardware needs are the responsibility of the service provider, and you won’t need expensive in-house equipment. For companies that are growing rapidly, new hardware can be large, expensive, and inconvenient
  • Savings on Manpower :As a result of the hardware not being owned by you, there is less demand for in-house IT staff resulting in decreased labor & maintenance costs. If servers or other hardware need repairs or upgrades, it is the responsibility of the vendor and doesn’t cost your company any time or money.
  • Saving on overhead costs: With maintaining your in-house infrastructure, there are added costs (i.e)  1) Electricity – to ensure your servers are up & running 2) Air conditioning – to make sure the hardware is cooled and much more. With cloud hosting these overhead costs can be eliminated

2) Scalability

Every business grows and shrinks in accordance with its needs. Rather than purchasing and installing expensive upgrades yourself, with cloud you can scale up or scale down your operation and storage needs quickly. With Tally on Cloud, you can create a new user, assign rights, and begin working immediately. It’s also very simple to delete a user

3) Flexibility & Business continuity

Workplace flexibility benefits both employers and employees. Tally on Cloud allows you to access data even when you’re not at work. Employees can work more efficiently and get more work done if they have access to the office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can operate from any PC, not even just your workplace PC, as you can with an offline or on-premise Tally.

4) Collaboration

Tally on Cloud allows you to collaborate with others. Real-time data is made available, so there is no need to wait for data to be uploaded before viewing reports or editing work that has already been completed. Tally on Cloud also promotes collaboration in a multi-location environment where instead of having multiple licenses and syncing data, everyone can work on the same license. 

5) Data Security & Recovery 

Regardless of whether they work from home or in an office, data security is a top priority for all businesses. With Software@Works cloud get inbuilt utilities for antivirus, firewall, disaster management, end-to-end encryption, and more. Tally on Cloud provides second-level security by requiring users to enter their username and password when logging in.


Tally on Cloud is ideal for remote workers, but it also has a number of useful features when used in the office. Even when you’re not at work, you can access data. There is no need to maintain your own hardware, leading to lesser IT Responsibilities and costs.

It’s time to upgrade from Tally on-premise to Tally on Cloud. Software@Work has helped hundreds of businesses move to a cloud/ connected infrastructure. To know more email us on [email protected] or call on 7303030000