Decision makers on the move and field staff do not have access to local data stored on their  office servers or laptops. However, they too need to access this data to take decisions and check for updates.

Until now, the only way for remote users to access data was to host it on the cloud . However, some users have privacy or trust issues in hosting data on Web servers. For such businesses, Tally.ERP 9 Rel 6.6 brings a unique offering whereby data which is on your local Server or PC can be viewed on a browser anytime , from anywhere.    You can switch on and switch off this web/remote access at will , making it private, yet available when needed.

To enable and make use of this release, there’s no need to buy or install any new software , nor is there any need to pay any hosting charges. All you need is the latest Release 6.6 to be installed (This comes as part of your Tally Software Subscription)

Watch this Video to learn more about this new feature:

This release allows access to 30+ business reports such as

1. Balance Sheet – Balance Sheet will help you to analyze what you own (Assets) and what you owe (Liabilities).

2. Bills Payable – Bills payable report in Tally.ERP 9 displays all the outstanding payables during a specified period.

3. Bills Receivable – Bills receivable  receivable report in Tally.ERP 9 displays all the outstanding receivables during a specified period.

4. Cash/Bank Book – Provides quick visibility of Cash & Bank balances

4. Cash Flow – To know the cash position of your business

5. Day Book – The Day Book lists all transactions made in a particular day

6. Funds Flow – Fund Flow statement is a report, which explains the movement of funds during an accounting period.

7. Group Outstanding – This report displays the outstanding receivables or payables during a specified period for an entire group – Sundry Creditors or Sundry Debtors .

8. Journal Register – a Journal register report displays all the journal vouchers that have been passed.

9. Ledger Outstanding – Tally.ERP 9 allows you to mimic the human chain of action and reduce the time taken for follow up and collection.This report helps you identify which of your debtors is overdue.

10 Ledger Voucher – With this report, you can view a ledger account with the corresponding voucher details.

11. Profit & Loss Report – Analyze the revenue generated as well the expenses incurred thus showing you the Gross and the Net Profit earned for a period. Get your cost of sales at your figure tips

12. Purchase Register – A Purchase Register displays the information on the periodic purchases of a business concern. Purchase register helps in analyzing the details of movement of purchased goods to various godowns, on the basis of which the stock movement at each godown is determined

13. Ratio Analysis – It helps you get make an easy interpretation of your business data. It is a powerful tool for functional analysis.

14. Sales Register – Analysis of periodic Sales trend (Monthly, Quarterly); Invoice-wise profitability.

15. Stock Query –  Gives you a holistic view of a specific product viz., which alternate products are available for sale, Godown-wise availability , Last purchase price ttc.

16. Stock Summary – Helps you to analyze the stock available so that you can fulfill the orders efficiently.

Benefits of this feature:

1. You can access 30+ business reports at any time on any device. Get complete visibility of your business on the go

2. Keep track of the company’s performance & make better business decisions effectively.

3. Hosted on a completely secure connection with complete data security.Your data remains with you.

Some benefits of this functionality for field staff  :

  • View the Status of Order, to fasten the delivery
  • Get to see Invoice Copy on Mobile and directly Mail to Party
  • Check Over – due Bills
  • Share Shipment details – LR No., Vehicle No., e-way Bill No.
  • Check Stock Availability

Some benefits of this functionality for Business Owners  :

  • Get to see every information of the business on Owner’s Dashboard – Ratio Analysis
  • View the cost of Sales for any period by viewing P/L on Browser
  • Act upon the Nett Cash / Fund Flow in the organisation
  • View the occupancy of Working Capital in Business and ROI

[email protected]’s unique offerings help you make optimal use of Tally.ERP 9 . Here are some :

  1. Download our new Tally.ERP 9 User Guide from
  2. Get help on handling E-Invoicing and compliance under the new GST Return system . Ask for a free demo
  3. Get a complementary diagnostic done for  your business to un-cover unused features of Tally.ERP 9 that can save time and enhance productivity

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