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10 reasons why you should run your entire business on one software

Large organisations have always used ERP’s or Integrated business apps to run their business. However, small and medium businesses continue to use outdated or disconnected applications to run their business since ERP’s have been costly. In fact many do not use software and just use spreadsheets (See blog…).

If your business uses disconnected applications for each department , then you will probably end up with islands of information that are  not organised or accessible when required

Although there is much talk about Artificial intelligence and Machine learning , most SME’s use spreadsheets and hence have no access to organised data. They could miss this while oncoming technology wave and face challenges of staying behind the technology curve.

To get on the path of sustained growth  you need to ensure that you have a single integrated business app that ensure operations are done smoothly.

Most businesses have different departments that get together and make the business move. These are :

Accounting & Finance

HR & Payroll



Sales & Purchases

Customer management


Using a single integrated business app / ERP will result in the following benefits to a  business :

  • No duplication of data entry

Data once entered is available thru the organisation . Each department or team does not have to re-enter data for itself

  • Accurate and real time availability of information

Since all departments are connected, information is visible when required and to all who need it. In the ERP is hosted on the cloud, then this information is available 24×7 without dependency on location, time or people . Integrated business apps usually have enhanced reporting capabilities and this gives management meaningful and accurate  data when they need it

  • Adherence to processes

Processes are like railway tracks that help the business move in the right direction. ERP’s generally make it easy to set processes and business flows, thereby reducing the need for manual intervention

  • Workflow’s, Approvals & Notifications

The usage of integrated an  business app enables the setup of steps  that are to be taken to undertake a transaction. Hence there is no deviation from set processes. At each stage, approvals can be enabled , so that  unauthorised or incorrect transactions are not accepted. At each stage, required managers can be notified so that that have complete visibility of what’s going on within the organisation .

  • Security of business information and enhanced business controls

Access to information can be setup based on roles or user types. Hence information is always secure.  Limits can also be added to ensure employees do not exceed their authority or create incorrect transactions .   Unlike spreadsheets, data completely resides within the system and cannot be shared or viewed by unauthorised people.  (See blog on Excel )

  • Enhanced customer service

Since uptodate information on the business aspects including  info on each customer is available in real time, its easy to keep customers satisfied. Customer interactions , Order history, Quotations, Deliver status and other  customer needs and requests are all logged into the software which  can be easily tracked. In fact , customers can be given access to data that is relevant to them thru Customer or Vendor Portals enabling self service . This enables them to directly login to the ERP and view transactions related to them eg. Invoices, Orders, Tasks, Payments Delivery schedules etc.

  • Increased productivity due to improved collaboration

Despite being in different teams or departments, the goal of each employee is to run the  business smoothly and  ensure customer satisfaction . When a sales person receives an order, other teams including stores and manufacturing get immediate visibility . This helps plan and execute business efficiently.  People are not required to depend on others for information .

  • Accurate inventory tracking, reduction and visibility of costs  

The largest part of working capital of an organisation is usually locked up  in its inventories. Hence  accurate information on inventories is essential .Labour costs can be reduced since they are easily trackable. Material planning and requirement analysis becomes system driven. As business transactions  flow, visibility of costs and revenues is  always available clear to all. There is no guess-work.

  • Better business decisions

Since guess-work is eliminated, accurate forecasts are available. Imagine a company that has to manufacture to stock based on guess-work ! It’s huge problem with wasted funds and resources.

Managers and stake holders get reports and info as they need.

  • Customised and enhanced reporting

Customised reporting is usually an important part of an ERP . This ensures that as the organisation grows, it is able to create reports and dashboards that it needs . The dependency on programmers is minimised and users can create their own data fields, forms and reports .

Historically, the main reason why SME’s use outdated software was that ERP’s have been costly. But that’s now changed. Affordable ERP’s and business apps that are virtually free,  are now available for SME’s to use . With  cloud based offerings, there is no need to have any IT infra to get started.

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