Tally Prime Shortcut Keys – Save Time & Increase Productivity

Tally Prime Shortcut Keys - Save time & increase productivity

Who doesn’t want to use the shortcuts? In this advanced age, everyone is searching for shortcuts for implementing their work fast and easily. So if you are a tally user then “tally prime shortcut keys” play a very important role in your life. Expert, unique and impressive shortcuts increase speed and productivity. Let’s discuss the most used tally prime shortcut keys:

Tally Shortcut Keys:

Listed below are some of the functional tally shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys Functions
F1Select a company
Alt +F1Closing a company
F2Changing the time
Alt+ F2Changing the time period
Ctrl + up/ downTo scroll down/up for the first/ last menu in the section.
Ctrl + left / rightTo move to left most / right-most drop-down top menu
Home + PgUpDirectly move to the first line.
End + PgDnDirectly go to the last line of the list.
Alt + EnterTo stretch or contract group in the table
Ctrl+EndTo shift the last line
Ctrl + HomeTo shift the first line
Ctrl + NTo operate and close the calculator
EscGoing back to the previous screen/ to remove the selected input
Alt + GGo to features used to create a new master, vouchers, or for viewing the report.
Alt + F4Walk out of the application
SpaceBarTo select/deselect a complete line
Ctrl + SpacebarSelect or deselect all lines
Ctrl + DTo remove
Ctrl + UTo show the hidden lines
Ctrl + Alt + RRepairing the company’s data

Some Tally Shortcut Keys for Vouchers

The table below shows some important keys specially for vouchers:

Shortcut keys Functions
Alt + RRetrieves Narration from the previous ledger
Shift + TabGo to the previous input field

Ctrl + C

Ctrl + Alt + C

Copy text from the entire table

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + Alt +V

Paste copied text to the input area
Alt + CGenerates a master at a voucher screen
Ctrl + GSwitch to a different report, create vouchers and masters
Ctrl + Alt + BFor viewing the build information.
F10Shows the list of vouchers
F6To open a receipt voucher
F7For opening the journal voucher

Tally Shortcut Keys for Reports

Tally also provides some shortcut keys for creating and assembling reports:

Shortcut keys Functions
Alt + ITo insert a voucher in a report
Alt + DTo detect an entry from the report
Alt + ATo put an entry in the report
Alt + XTo cancel the voucher from the report
Ctrl + UTo show the last hidden line
Ctrl + EnterTo drill down and display a voucher
SpacebarTo select or deselect a line in a report
Ctrl + SpacebarTo select and deselect all lines in a report
Ctrl + H

To change the display and view of the report

Navigate to voucher view from the summary report

Ctrl + shift + homeTo select/deselect line till the top
Shift + up + downTo perform linear selection/deselection of multiple lines in a report
EnterTo drop down from a line in the report
Ctrl + alt + ITo invert the selection of line items in a report
Shift + enterTo expand or contract information in a report
Shift + SpacebarTo select or deselect a single line
Some Other Basic Tally Shortcuts

Here are some of the random but very useful tally shortcut keys:

Shortcut keys Functions
Alt + YTo manage company data
Alt + OBring in the features of the company
Alt + PPrint the current sheet, window, sale voucher, and other things
Ctrl + KChange the display color
Ctrl + ASave the entry
Alt + AAdd anything on the available sheets
Alt + UUndo the previous action instantly
Ctrl + HChange the modes of entries
Ctrl + QQuitting the tally application.

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