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About  TATA Docomo

Incorporated in 1996 Tata Tele Services Limited (TTSL) is a pioneer of the CDMA 1X Technology platform in India and has been on a steep growth path since the commercial launch of IT services in January 2005 under the brand name Tata Indicom. Today ttsl enjoys a Pan India presence and operates CDMA services across all of India’s 22 Telecom circles. 

The TTSL network has been rated as the “least congested” in India for the last five consecutive quarters by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on the basis of independent service. 

Tata DOCOMO, Tata Teleservices Limited’s GSM brand arose out of the TATA Group’s Strategic Alliance with Japanese Telecom major NTT Docomo in November 2008. Tata Docomo launched commercial operations in June 2009 and marks a significant milestone in the Indian telecom landscape – in just six months. TATA DOCOMO has refined the very face of telecoms in India, having pioneered the per second tariff, part of its “Pay for what you Use” pricing paradigm.

Client’s Brief

To Cater to the needs of its subscribers – existing and new ones – Tata Teleservices limited has a 5000 strong distributor network. This network was set up over the years in a staggered manner many of these distributors were using multiple and disparate IT systems for the sales and accounting operations resulting in delayed information flow to the company. The fact that this data was coming in vide different formats also created a challenge for the company, in terms of meaningful consideration and subsequent analysis of the vast information flow. 

Furthermore, dedicated internet access wasn’t always available to create online invoices causing duplication of data entry between the distributor’s accounting system and the centralized system at TTSL. Tracking product movement across the supply chain didn’t yield the required visibility to sales trends while manual processes slowed down order processing. Also, it became quite apparent to the company that timely information access would help expedite the clearance of sales commissions and incentives to the ecosystem. 

Also, timely information would help expedite the clearance of sales commissions incentives etc to the ecosystem

Solution Provided 

TTSL has an online staging table (eSSTA) that mediates data flow between the ERP system to distributors – Tally.ERP 9, using HTTPS protocol (Web services). A tight integration ensures that both applications seamlessly communicate with each other with the single click of a button. Security of data is also maintained by validating the request sent by the distributors and vice versa. 

“Given the massive scale of the rollout, it was essential that the integration be very cohesive,” said Mr. Vikram Seth, CEO of [email protected] IP Ltd. (Master Tally Partner) 

“Tally.ERP9 keep track of the status of delivery of each transaction sent to eSSTA – hence, the integration process ensures that there is no loss of data during the process of interchange” 

All relevant information like product Masters (SKU’s), invoice to the distributor, retailer price lists, retailer incentive details, distributor credit limits, claims, commissions, etc. are downloaded from TTSL into the TALLY.ERP9 at the distributor’s end, maintaining uniformity across the supply chain. 

The replenishment of stocks to distributors happens in the following manner- the distributor can raise a purchase order on TTSL either manually or the system can auto-generate the PO based on the reorder levels set for each item. The PO is processed at TTSL after verifying the payment details and the status of the PO is updated at the distributors end on the basis of the availability of stocks at TTSL. 

Material is then shipped to the distributor and an electronic invoice with complete item details sent to the distributor’s Tally.ERP 9, which eliminates manual entry of all these transactions. 

The transfer of the distributors’ sales details are sent back to eSSTA from Tally.ERP9 on scheduled intervals. Similarly, Customer Application Forms details are entered by the distributor and published to TTSL. Claims are also updated in Tally by distributors and then sent to the eSSTA. 

To help distributors manage the inventory judiciously, certain reports are provided seamlessly – for instance, Stock Ageing Report, Stock Movement Report, Stock Queries, Salesman – Area-wise Reports, Salesman- Retailer wise Reports etc. 


About  Perfect Infraengineers

Started in the year 1996, in Mumbai, Perfect Infraengineers Ltd. provides complete MEP and

Air-conditioning system (Highside and low side) centralized air-conditioning plant and VRV (VRF) system etc. May it be household requirement or corporate requirement, Perfect is sure to provide the customers with the best solution in the area of air-conditioning as well as Civil, structural, interior and MEP (Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitary, Firefighting, CCTV, BMS and fire alarm system, FM – 200 works, etc.,) The company also under-takes DG sets and complete Mechanical works

as well as AMC for MEP works etc. contracts. The company services various vertical markets including Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Malls, Multiplex and Offices, Educational Institutes, Residential Complex, Government, Industrial Complex, etc. Not only does the company service Indian customers but also services overseas customers for their air-conditioning needs

Client’s Brief

Perfect Infraengineers Ltd. has 212 employees with 4 branches in Mumbai and 5 branches in

other states including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad Gurgaon and Raipur. The company’s head office at Mumbai and some branches use software for basic accounting functionality. But as far as synching of documents back and forth HO and branch office is concerned, it used to be done manually. They send people to carry documents or send through courier from HO to branch offices and vice versa. It was time taking and human intensive. At times, due to manual errors or even system error, documents get delayed or lost in the transit. This tells upon severely on the productivity of the company.

Solution Provided 

The company wanted some solution to get rid of the problem. They contacted Mr. CA Vikram

Seth of Software @ Work India Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai – the Master Tally Partner through the latter’s website for upgrading their systems to Tally.ERP 9. Vikram recounts, “They were looking for

making optimal use of Tally for accounting, MIS and Statutory compliance, getting daily updates

of Tally data from branches, customizations of Tally in the areas of order processing, security and invoicing, etc. for better business management.”

Mrs. Manisha Mehta, Managing Director, Perfect Infraengineers, says, “Good service normally helps relations last longer. We understand this fact. And that’s the reason our customer base is more than 5000 elite and satisfied customers who are with us for past one and half decade. It is achieved by collective efforts of our team, technology and pro- cesses. We had a pursuit of right solution for order processing, security and invoicing and Tally.ERP 9 was the perfect one.”

She added, “Tally.ERP 9 was simple to use and had advanced functionality at an attractive price

point. Secondly, accountants knowing Tally are easily available – especially in branch locations.

We wanted an easy to use system and also knew that Tally.ERP 9 could be further customized to adapt to their business processes.” She added, “We therefore decided that we should upgrade to Tally.ERP 9. It gives accuracy, faster speed, helps avoid duplication of work and offers data storage also. Today, our accounts staffs in HO and branch offices are really happy and worry free.” 

Vikram added, “It was easy for us to implement the solution as the Chart of Accounts (Masters)

were standardised across all branches as the first step. Secondly, training was given on Order Processing, VAT and TDS. Synchronization between HO and branches was done using the functionality available in Tally.ERP 9 whereby all Masters were replicated uniformly across branches and transactions were consolidated at HO.” Mrs. Manisha maintains, “Since the users were already familiar with the basic features of Tally, it was not a big challenge to get them to use the advanced features of Tally.ERP 9. The setup was done in phases i.e. Training and Implementa-tion, Sync Setup and customization. In the first phase, training was done in two weeks. But the biggest thing was the users could continue to use the system as the phases progressed and did not need to wait for all modules to be customized or implemented.”

Today, all Perfect Infraengineers’ offices use Tally.ERP 9 and weekly the branch offices are

synchronized with accounts server of the HO. Initially while migrating data and synchronizing

data, there was some problems but later on it was rectified. Mrs. Manisha says, “As a qualified CA, Tally did not need any introduction but working in Tally.ERP 9 is really satisfying.


About Arya Communications

Started in 1988, Arya Com- munications & Electronics Services Pvt. Ltd. offers end- to-end cutting edge solutions in the field of wired and wireless com- munications, security and surveillance, professional engineering services and emerging technology platforms.

The company has around 700+ employees in 15 major cities in India.

Client’s Brief

To manage so many employees in mul-tiple locations, the company was using an in-house application but it was not up to mark to keep tab of what was happening around financially, sales and at inventory level. Rajen Kaul, CEO & Vice President, Arya Communication & Electronics Services Pvt. Ltd., said, “In order to manage large pool of head count and other things, we wanted an application which could give us accurate customised data and financial

reports should be easy to install, manageable and flexible, so that the report or data captured are in sync with our requirements.

Solution Provided 

In 2011 Arya Communications implemented Tally.ERP 9. Even though they evaluated some of the big brands like Oracle and Ramco, but found Tally.ERP 9 cost effective with a proven track record of successfully han-dling SME/SMB requirements . For Arya Communication the initial days were a little difficult due to lack of domain knowledge but with proper support and hand holding from Software At Work (India) Private Limited, things became much smoother.

CA Vikram Seth, CEO, Software At Work (India) Private Limited, said, “ Tally.ERP 9

had capability to handle this scale. Only thing we required was to understand their system and after some meetings with Arya Communications’ key people we understood their requirements and offered them the solution. Their users were trained for some time. “ 

Mr. Rajen added, “ I think Tally is a great product – especially like statutory compliance, stock and debtors ageing features are absolutely excellent.” Asked about what were the function- alities implemented and used first, Mr. Rajen explained, “We created a standard Chart of Accounts and Chart of Inven- tory for multiple locations. Each location was captured as profit/cost centre at HO. Respective location Opening Balances mapped and consolidated at HO. Location-wise various types of accounting and inventory transactions entered. This included location-wise types of sales invoices. Apart from all other statutory modules, state-wise VAT module were implemented. Then we synchronized data at HO from multiple locations like

Hyderabad, Calcutta, Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.”Such an approach was taken to bring uniformity in all masters at all locations. This helped the company to generate various MIS including location-wise inventory to expenses, location-wise inventory etc. 

Finally the company today is able to generate data with utmost ease and the management is able to get MIS as early as required with much clarity and predictability.