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The cost of choosing the wrong Business Software

You need to make sure you select and use the correct software. A good team combined with useful tools and right resources can help your company succeed. However, there will be a price to pay if you use the wrong tools for your business. These are the five negative effects of choosing the incorrect business software: Company Loses Revenue ERP, CRM, and software packages are very important to an enterprise.…

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Your next ERP / CRM could be a disaster. Tips to find the right business software

You always send your car to the reliable car mechanic, you style your hair at the neighbourhood safe scissors-wielding barber’s shop, and sickness prompts a call to the family physician. What do they all have in common? Trust. There is an assurance that they will never cheat you, and will execute the job well and with a smile. Consider another scenario: You are unwell and looking for a cure. Instead…

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Searching for business software ? 3 things you may be doing wrong

Trying to select new software for your startup, SME or large enterprise? Choosing the right application for your company is an important task. However, many Business Heads and Software Procurement personnel struggle to figure out which software they should choose. There have been many gaffes in software purchase too. Incorrect specifications Obsolete technology Somebody at the top just decided they needed something new. On a serious note, wrong software purchase…

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