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    ERP is now simple and affordable

    ERP is now simple and affordable”. Gone is the ERA of costly and complicated ERP.
    With our Cloud hosting options there’s no need for any IT Infrastructure or resources. Login and start

    Hosted anywhere

    Hosted anywhere

    ERPNext can be Cloud hosted on ERPNext Servers, Hosted on your Cloud or On-Premise allowing for flexible deployment

    Complete control

    Complete control

    Setup workflow’s, approvals and notifications as per your need - to be on top of things without having to worry about how the business is running

    Complete functionality

    Complete functionality

    Manage your whole business including Customers, Inventories, Operations, HR, Projects , Assets and much more with one application

    Technology to simplify your business

    For 27 years [email protected] has been offering affordable business software to growing organisations. With ERPNext we now help
    companies move to the mext level and beyond accounting software

    Easy to use

    ERPNext can be used without much training. With online documentation, videos and affordable remote/on-site training , you can get started is the most affordable manner

    Easy to customise

    ERPNext allows addition of custom fields and forms without coding. Just configure the system as per your needs. Even workflows and approvals can be setup by users as they need

    Easy to access

    Being completely web based, you can access your business information anywhere, anytime

    One software to run the entire organisation

    Win and retain customers by optimising your sales process. Track your Leads, Opportunities, Customers and Sales Orders. Send email campaigns and view pending tasks

    Customer Relationship Management

    Manage your production with Multi Level BOM's, Production planning, Job cards, Subcontracting and Costing

    Material Requirement Planning

    Track and Manage internal and external projects efficiently . Get time and profitability details including tasks, timesheets and issues for your projects

    Project Management

    Create user definable Workflows , Approvals and Notifications you can ensure that you have complete visibility across the organisation

    Workflows , Approvals & Notifications

    Manage complete the employee lifecycle from Onboarding , Attendance, Expense claims, Assets and Payroll

    Payroll & Expense Tracking

    Maintain & Manage your Assets , their movements, Value Adjustments and Depreciation

    Asset Management

    Give your customers access to the Customer Portal to enable them to view their Orders, Invoices, Outstanding and shipments

    Customer Portal

    Great customer support and maintenance is at the heart of any successful small business. With ERPNext you track all incoming customer requests and issues so that you can respond quickly.

    Customer Issue: Support Desk

    Manage retail operations with ERPNext.


    Create web pages, write blogs, publish your Product Catalog using the Item master and allow users to buy your products using the Shopping Cart


    Use the FA module independently or link with Tally.ERP 9

    Financial Accounting

    Manage your Orders, Invoices, Receivables & Payables

    Billing and Payments

    Configure reports as you want or create your own reports


    Get an at-a-glance view of key performance indicators to improve visibility


    Create custom fields and forms without any coding. Configure the system as per your needs quickly without dependence on a programmer

    Customisation with coding

    Create custom fields and forms without coding

    Customisations without coding

    ERP made simple ! Check out our videos

    For 27 years [email protected] has been offering affordable business software to growing organisations. With ERPNext we now help
    companies move to the next level and beyond accounting software

    The world's leading Open Source ERP used by over 5,000 customers across the world



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