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6 reasons why SME’s don’t make use of the free / affordable and integrated business apps to run their business

It comes as a surprise that any growing organisation would be using  outdated or disconnected business software that would make day-to-day operations and growth a struggle (Check out our blog  “10 reasons why you should run your entire business on one software”) Why should one organisation that works as a team and needs to share data,  have multiple apps to run its operations? An integrated business software is like the…

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Why you shouldn’t be using a spreadsheet to run your business

What’s the most popular ERP ? It’s a spreadsheet !!  Most  businesses use spreadsheets like MS Excel  to handle leads, customers  inventories, orders, receivables, cash flows, reporting etc According to  a study by a leading research firm, 70% of companies use spreadsheets for sensitive / critical data and processes. This being despite known concerns and challenges with using spreadsheets as listed below. To main reasons for their popularity are :…

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Are you buying your next Business software on the advice of a Salesperson?

Buying the right business software (ERP, CRM ec)  is critical to the growth of any  business Buying the wrong software is a very costly exercise. (Read our Blog The cost of choosing the wrong Business software) Buying software is a serious decision and needs some planning and guidance. However, it’s usually done in a haphazard manner. It’s very common for companies to call a few vendors and decide on what…

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10 Phases of the ERP Implementation Process (Part 1)

Each company is unique in terms of data managed through their ERP systems. Some businesses use ERP software  for critical transactions and information about Finance,  Accounting and Supply Chain Management. Other companies may use HR, Manufacturing, Customer Relationships, or Project Management as core ERP modules. Time is of the essence in business. Spending years implementing and integrating a new ERP within a company is not acceptable. A lengthy implementation will…

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Top 10 ERP implementation mistakes (Part 1)

An ERP implementation is an important process that signifies a step forward for the company. There is no way to recreate the perfect ERP rollout every time, but by being aware of some common mistakes, you can work towards eliminating them and reducing the frustration of all stakeholders. Analyst firm Gartner estimates that 55% to 75% of all ERP projects fail to meet their objective. Whether you are switching to…

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11 Mistakes SME’s make While Buying Business Software

11 Mistakes SME’s make While Buying  Business Software. SMEs today have never-before technology options at reasonable costs. Large enterprises have traditionally had access to great technology. They also have CIOs, CTOs, and consultants who help them find the right software. For SMEs times have changed for the better. However, they rarely have the luxury of having CIOs, CTOs or consultants to help them find the right software. Buying the wrong…

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Your next ERP / CRM could be a disaster. Tips to find the right business software

You always send your car to the reliable car mechanic, you style your hair at the neighbourhood safe scissors-wielding barber’s shop, and sickness prompts a call to the family physician. What do they all have in common? Trust. There is an assurance that they will never cheat you, and will execute the job well and with a smile. Consider another scenario: You are unwell and looking for a cure. Instead…

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